Meet Our Founder

Teresa Scott

I created First Responder VIP to support and encourage First Responders and Veterans. When sharing my ideas and passion to greatly enhance their lives to show my appreciation I learned so many others had the same dream. By the Grace of God, our community was born and is rapidly growing.

In the beginning, I imagined a reliable team of people in every city in the United States available for them 24/7 where they felt safe and supported. Where they could comfortably reach out for vetted resources and enjoy a community of friends who celebrate their accomplishments and service. And, a community that supports them and their families through the toughest times too.

My passion for First Responders is a lifelong and diverse story beginning at the age of five. I grew up in a chaotic, hostile, and unpredictable environment. My Grandmother taught me how to dial 911 when I felt afraid and unsafe. I have dialed those three golden numbers multiple times knowing someone would answer and someone would show up. I still remember some of their voices and faces distinctly. First Responders have shown up for my family in multiple life-saving emergencies, major tragedies, and friendships treasured to this day. The Veterans who have graced my life and fought tirelessly for our freedom are family members, dear friends, and many I have not met and hold in the highest regard.

Our success is measured by the great stories we confidentially share about renewed cities, supported organizations, happy individuals, and thriving families. We are boundless and unstoppable with our collective dream to create and inspire not just a community but a peaceful movement where all Americans unite to show up for them just like they show up for us.

My 22+ year career in the Real Estate Industry has given me the freedom to work with First Responders and Veterans to help them with Business Support, Homeownership, Lifestyle Planning, and Wellness Support is my greatest honor.

Join our family today and jump on board to support and celebrate our First Responder and Veteran Communities throughout the United States. Only One-click away from living a life of meaning and purpose. We need you!!!

Teresa Scott, Founder

First Responder VIP LLC