Meet Our Advisory Board

A public servant at heart, Mica Lunt has 20 years of experience in public service/public safety, the private sector, and academia. Mica is an empathetic analytical who takes his formal training in psychology coupled with his passion for leadership and continuous growth to help organizations perform at their best. He and his colleagues work to understand your needs individually or those of your organization to engineer solutions that truly fit and propel both your effectiveness and efficiency.

As a consultant, Mica has worked with a wide variety of cities, counties, corporations, and individuals to help them solve problems. Lunt Consulting LLC exists to provide solutions based on research and ethical standards that are inspired by innovation and refined with the wisdom of experience. Our core values are servant leadership, integrity, and efficacy. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you on your journey in the pursuit of excellence!

Mica Lunt

FRVIP Advisory Board Member & Distinguished Partner

Consultant, Police Chief (fmr.), Public Servant

Norman, OK